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    Music is a form of entertainment. Although people have varying preferences when it comes to music genres, everyone loves a good sound, beat, and rhythm of the lively music. Music acts as a personal therapy of any individual. It can uplift even the saddest and lifeless souls; music carries unimaginable miracle whenever people hears its sound.


    For centuries, music went through many changes. The purpose of music evolved from being a form of entertainment into a mode of expressionism and protest. Music has changed significantly together with developments in the world. Today, various work of music conveys messages aiming to express the emotion of the artist or his/her opinion on the world's current issues. Thus, musical language was altered from the ancient eras to the contemporary period. On the other hand, technology partakes a huge role in modifying the styles, sound, and method for music production.


    Pop and modern music are the most popular genre among people. Any adult and young adult enjoys the sound of modern music. This kind of style is more life and emotion which attracts people. The popularity of pop music also increases to famous music artists and celebrities who sing the pop songs. As a result, music turned into a sought out career.


    With the use of technology, people create music through recording studios. A recording studio is a place equipped with necessary technologies and devices which are used to produce high-quality music. A music producer is a person who helps musicians and recording artists to create and produce their songs. Their aim is to present a song that would catch the public's attention. This career is known as music production.


    Every recording artist starts in the lowest tier in this industry. Their stars shine because of their talent and the guidance of an excellent talent manager. A music manager is a professional individual in the entertainment industry who guides bands and singers in their career. They handle the business deals, recording contracts, performances and so forth which the recording artist could not handle. Thus, music managers support musicians to reach success. Music as a career does not only mean producing music, in this era, music became a modern business. Because of this, music has various courses comprising of music education, music performance, music business and music management.


    Before becoming a legal music manager, people studies music management as a degree. In the US, different music schools offer music management as a degree. Music as business needs the help a music manager can guide a recording artist. Indeed, without the aid of a music manager, a musician will be at lost in the game of music business.


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